Little piece

I’ll keep you in my heart For long as I can But eventually,I’ll tack you away In my little box labelled “dreams and memories” I’ll console myself with the fact that you’re not the first in Nor will you be the last I’ll cry a little bit more but eventually I’ll be okay And then  … More Little piece

My beautiful Redeemer

My beautiful Lord, To gaze upon your countenance To behold your beauty Affirmed in you who does not change From ages past who does not waver even as the world grows more iniquitous Your light shines brighter even as the world grows dimmer Oh! but to behold your beauty  In my weakness,in my torment,in my … More My beautiful Redeemer

Fix my eyes

Know those times when everything is going wrong?When you’re experiencing a sickness in your body that just won’t go,when you’re not even sure you have friends anymore,when for some reason,you’re dredging up memories of all the dreams you had that didn’t come true and couldn’t come true even if you tried,when career wise,you don’t even … More Fix my eyes

Me right now…..

This is me I will no longer wait around for the aura of the little light you luster on me Because………. It took me long but I finally realize You are not worth fighting for It’s only me in this battle laboring for your long defunct affection But shedding remembrances of you is as difficult … More Me right now…..