She Made Me Beautiful

This was written by the beautiful Liz Kay 🙂

We stared at each other, willing the other to speak first,

When I look back, I should have spoken first.

I should have forced the surrounding fences to burn

I should have let it all fade and leave us to our tantrum

Maybe then we could have found what we sought.

But we both walked away.


You see, I couldn’t tell her that I wanted to be her,

I didn’t want to reveal that her life is what I wished for mine.

That whenever I saw her I froze,

I would explain but, I wouldn’t dare… her fragrance reminded me of the ocean

Her eyes explained to me that the view of the moon in the night sky was a comparison to her face


The words she spoke, the lyrics she sung reminded me of the early morning birds

Those that sing to the dew, the birds that call out the sun to warm the trees.

You see, I longed to put out my small words to her, but I couldn’t.

I wanted to tell her that she wasn’t a masterpiece, no she was the master of all pieces

She was perfect warmth within the cold.


Don’t call me slow, don’t call me stupid for letting her walk away

I couldn’t keep her, she was giving me a glimpse of what I wanted to be,

What I was supposed to be but had banished to the back of my head.

You see my diary was holding too much of my inner thoughts, I had to give it a sex.

I made it a she. For she understood my world, she knew how to lie to me to make me safe.

She made me beautiful, if I had spoken first, she wouldn’t have lied.

Eventually I couldn’t keep her. I had to let us walk away.



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