Cities of self

Because you’ve been built to want everything and anything that looks appealing

For yourself

You end up playing God

But you don’t even know it.

But it’s there, in the need to control,

The way we beat up ourselves days on end when things don’t work.

In the need to influence and dominate

And find explanations for every single thing that happens.

But of course it never works,

And there you are again, frustrated, hating yourself, hating them and wishing you’d be rid of it all.

Selfishness is the default.

We always want to hurt, intentionally

Happy when things don’t work out for them, because they hurt us

Wishing for “karma”, cause and effect

Always caught up in our cities of self.

Permanent visitors never wanting to leave.

Because we are entangled in this web of self and it is easier being caught up in self pity than having faith

And I wonder how long it will be before Faith opens ours eyes to see

And to turn to something, No! Someone much huger than self.



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