To get a little praise on……19/12/2017

It’s great to be born in December.It’s a very exciting month,the most exciting month of course; the year is ending and I can look forward to beginning both a new calendar year and a new birth year. Anyway,this birthday is a very special one.

2017 was weird.It was a roller coaster.A lot has changed and yet a lot has stayed the same. I’ve experienced emotional pain,bodily pain(On so many different accounts at some point I just gave up 😦 ) I am still so indecisive,I am still too emotional for my own good,still pining over lost dreams,Still living too much within my head and yet despite all, I think I have “seen” God the most during the last 12 months.

A lot of good has happened.A lot of good.

Just sharing a little of what I am grateful for today, 19/12/2017.

  1. Gigi’s wedding.From sitting late nights talking about whether we will ever have normal love lives to a wedding ? My God!!!Screenshot_2017-11-06-16-17-00.png
  2. My name in Print 🙂 I never fathomed “Free Fall” would ever be published especially since I always feel my talents are all pretty  mediocre.Just okay but never good enough,y’know?img-20171123-wa00031.jpg
  3. Discovering Susanna Kearsley. She has managed to completely restore my hope in Romantic mystery since Mary Stewart.Kearsley Susannah
  4. The God of all comfort.This I want to keep my little secret but again I can’t because it’s where my whole life is hinged.You can’t know how God is a REAL TANGIBLE comfort till you’ve gone through stuff that only God understands.I have gone through some things in the last year that have been pretty hard.And you know,the thing is,even the closest of friends reaches a point and they just can’t be there.And you truthfully can’t blame them.Everyone else already has their own things going on.So however much you want to get mad at them and expect them to remember that you have this issue,you just can’t because it would be most unfair to them.But let me tell you,God was so REAL to me in these moments.And so it remains,that Christ is the only SURETY we have in Life.Image result for christ my everything
  5. My job; One of my miracles this year.God saw I needed this particular shift and brought it at just the right time.I thank God everyday.IMG-20171103-WA0055.jpg
  6. Israel,Elaine,Hannah,Priscilla and AleeshaImage result for being around children  quotes
  7. Family;for obvious reasons.Without them I wouldn’t hold.img-20170808-wa0036.jpgScreenshot_2017-09-09-02-55-34.png
  8. Friends;Work friends,my home girls,my school friends,fellowship friends,church friends,all my friends. “Rukundo Egumeho” How do you put up with me?I am so not easy to love but you keep on keeping on.Sniff sniff 😥 How do you do it?img_20161003_191540.jpgimg-20171031-wa0011.jpg
  9. Syline,Cynthia and my mother.Because you three have been relentlessly there in that one particular pain.That one.The one that has scared the hell out of me,that has kept me up late at night.That has made me lose hope and I call you crying coz I just can’t handle it.But you don’t tire of telling me that God has everything in control.This that has tested my faith the most but has also drawn me closest to God the most.Thank you for your long-suffering.Image result for the people that hold me
  10. Finishing School. Nhuh!! UMI with its strictness and complicated exams.I saw for myself the difference between undergraduate and post graduate.Literally the hardest exams I have ever encountered in all my life.Plus it’s not easy to juggle school and work. Meehn!!Thank you Lord!!
  11. Susan’s graduation. My little baby sis a.k.a our Kate Beckett ,our Sue ,the funniest girl ever,the pretty girl of the family graduated.But years really rush my goodness.The girl started form 1 when I was at campus riyalle.(I know!!) Congs darling.Go out and lend the world your awesomeness 🙂img-20171214-wa0029.jpg
  12. Healing; Getting miraculously healed from something that has plagued me for years.God is a healer I am telling you.Plus it’s also true that you cannot know God is a healer till you’ve been sick.Image result for by his stripes we were healed
  13. Good doctor’s report.Finally getting a diagnosis on some other health issue and getting ways of handling it as I await the manifestation of healing 🙂
  14. Desert Streams and Worship Harvest.For pointing me to Christ and for being LEGIT.cbom.jpg
  15. Rediscovering my love for travel.By road .Oh,the hiraeth that comes with traveling down endlessly winding roads, watching the sun rise and set over vast plains in the open country, morning mist over picturesque hills and your mind is filled with wistful thoughts of what could have been and what could be.It’s too beautiful sometimes I can’t even bear it.(pics from google.Mine were taken by a poor quality camera 😀 )Image result for WINDING ROADS KABALE

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Happiness is not found in circumstances and possessing things. True joy I have realized can only be found in Him.May Christ be your joy and peace.May 2018 be good to you.May 2018 be your best year yet.



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