On the high road searching for happiness….

Because happiness is a journey not a destination.

Because while we are waiting and hankering for that one thing that will happen and  eventually bring with it the happiness we want,life is already happening.Life does not wait.

And even when that thing does eventually come,we are unable to be any happier with it because we have been stuck at a place of discontentment for so long and we have forgotten how to be happy.

We wish our friends blessedness but our happiness for them is tinged  with a hint of reluctance ,because all that comes to mind is how we still haven’t got our own.How we haven’t got our cut yet.We are the prodigal son all over again.In this could be happiness,but we forfeit it.Because selfishness.And humanity is and will always be flawed.

We are always,always waiting for that one ship to sail in.But there will always be lots of ships love.And we live in perennial disgruntlement and bitterness because oh we have waited for sooo long and we never seem to catch a break.We forget to celebrate what is happening,the small victories,the recovery from that little sickness that many have succumbed to,the joy that fellowship with humans that care for you brings,even when you think they are not there as much as you’d want them to be,the tiny things that only you are partial to but that bring you real joy,that puppy,that new recipe you can’t wait to try out,your beautiful child,that song you just discovered that gets you,books if you’re like me 🙂

We are always running after the next thing that will make us happy.The new job,the marriage,the baby,the wedding,the ultimate money deal.We forget to live.Life can’t slow us down to live it.

We are sprinting ,sprinting,and life is leisurely taking a stroll.

We are unstoppable in our search for misery joy. Slow down a bit.A whole good bit.Life and all that is in it is a grace gift.And we get it while we sleep.While we rest.Like Adam got Eve.cropped-cropped-img_20160422_212211_09312.jpg


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