I wish for what my mind eye once saw
Sunflower and rainbows
But broken heart makes you see strange things
High walls everywhere and no sun in-between

This is neither a prayer nor a call for
This is a menu of open wound and salt-cure
Of broken dreams and hopelessness
Washed down with full bottles I have cried

Iam not crying for you
But I’ll sit in shadow till you turn around
Then I’ll take you someplace and be your sun
But I can’t bear your pain forgive me,
I wouldn’t know what to say.
But I’ll pray for you.

I can’t save me from myself but I’ll try
And I’ll keep tumbling and falling over my own efforts
And I’ll keep drowning in sad songs and bad poetry
And I’ll keep thinking of ways to get out
But just a thought of you will make me breathe another breath
I’ll curse you for keeping me here but you’ll be my salvation.

The world will be moving on and I’ll seem to be stuck somewhere between dream and adulthood
And I’ll keep wishing and living
And I’ll keep wishing I wasn’t this


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