Ou Le’

This song by Kassav gives me feels every single time.I don’t know any other way to describe it.

Whenever it plays I long for places I’ve never even been to. Places I’ve never seen.All of a sudden I want to go back to before the 1970’s and live.it reminds me of all the time traveling dreams(into the past)  I’ve always had(Btw am I the only one?  I’ve always wondered) . The nostalgia kills me. This is every single time it plays. Anywhere.

Before my sister Cynthia got married.It was their song. Her and her then boyfriend, now husband Brian.It’s a perfect couple’s song .I kid you not whenever it played and they danced, you would feel like romantic love is the ultimate best thing in the mortal world.(maybe it is?)

I think this should be “our song” .Me and my significant other. I can imagine swaying away to that dreamy voice singing Ou Le’ for the first dance after that loooong day. Hopefully my heels won’t be killing me.By the way what happens when a couple does not  like the same music at all. How do they get their song. Like he is an old soul and she is only into hip-hop? 😀

Today I heard it and in addition to all the nostalgia, blah blah blah, I found myself missing things I’ve never even had. Having this severe longing for things I can’t really pinpoint.Too many emotions just playing in my heart. Too much hiraeth . I missed my youth and all those years when my only worry was school grades.

I think sometimes we are living our best lives in the now  and we don’t even know it. If we knew we would thank God for it more. But there we are,never content, always looking out for what’s not right.

Off to living then.These could be my very best years. And probably when Iam old and grey, and Iam attending my grandkid’s  wedding. They’ll play Ou Le’ as a tribute to all the old people there and my mind will go back precisely, to these times and I’ll feel nostalgic and think to myself, “God, those were my best years yet, and I didn’t even know it”



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